Residential Crime Prevention Tips From Police

City of Durham, North Carolina
Police Department
505 West Chapel Hill Street
Durham, NC 27701


Home Safety:
 Know your neighbors.
 Be on the look-out for suspicious activity or individuals
 Make sure you lock your doors and windows. Two locking devices per door/window are recommended. Time for lock/deadbolt upgrade??
 Check the lighting around your home to make sure it is working. Repair any broken lights or contact Duke Power for street lights that are inoperable.
 Remember that burglars will take advantage of an open door, window or sliding door. Do not leave valuables visible from your windows so that those passing by can easily see them.
 Consider adding motion detector audible alarms to your windows or doors.
 Check out any home improvement type store and see what inexpensive items are available to upgrade your home security.
 Do not open your door for anyone that you do not know.

Vehicle Theft Prevention:
 Lock your vehicle when parked.
 Remove any valuable items and do not use your car for storage.
 Do not lend your keys to someone else. Consider adding an anti-theft device to your vehicle. Check with any automotive type store to see what is available.
 Be on the lookout for vehicles that look unattended or abandoned in your neighborhood and report them to the police department.
 Do not leave your car running while you check your mailbox or do other “quick” things requiring you to leave your car unattended. It is a Misdemeanor in North Carolina to leave your vehicle unattended while it is running.

Common Areas:
 Always be aware of your surroundings when getting the mail, putting out the trash, etc.
 Avoid people or situations that make you feel uncomfortable.
 Report any safety concerns you notice to your Community Resource Officer.

The Durham Police Department Emergency number is 911.
The Durham Police Department Non-Emergency number is (919)560-4600.
This information is brought to you by the Durham Police Department, Community Resource Unit (919)560-4404