Bradford Place Garden Style

Bradford Place Garden Condominiums is a beautiful, peaceful, close knit and desirable condominium community located one mile from the University of North Carolina at Downing Creek in Chapel Hill, NC 27517

We are part of the larger Downing Creek Community Association. As a result, each of our homeowners are extended all of the same rights and privileges as the larger Downing Creek members which includes access to the pool and tennis courts, two stocked fishing ponds, several miles of paved walking and jogging trails, a playground, natural play space and a picnic area near the ponds.

2022-2023 Board Members:

Marian Cascio- President
Darrell Havill- Vice President
Khalid Williams-Secretary
Philip LaGarry-Treasurer
Junior Jaramillo

You can reach your board via email at

We are managed by Rampart Management, Ted Parenti - Phone 919 932-0592. Fax number is 919 533-2449.

Rampart Management will provide full services including dues collection, financial management, services to address repair needs, and interact with realtors to support sellers/buyers during their real estate closing process.