Downing Creek Approved Exterior Paint Colors

Approved By the Downing Creek Board of Directors in Spring 2008

Please note that an application is still required when you choose colors from this list. Other factors such as the combination of colors and the neighboring home colors may also be considered.

Approved Sherwin Williams Color Sheets

(number in upper right hand corner of sheet)
A-M (neutrals - see also the brochure of neutral colors)

Additional Colors:

Most of these are accent colors only, and the brightest red is approved for doors only.

Dark Accent Colors SW #
Chanticleer (doors only) 2912
Crimson Red 2906
Wine Country 2901
Liberty Blue 2942
Fireweed 6328
Blue Hill 2939
Bitter Chocolate 6013
Bramble Bush 2923
Clover 2964
English Ivy 2935
Black Emerald 2936
Weather Vane 2927
Courtyard 6440
Perennial Green 2932
Greenhouse 2933
Iron Gate 2926
Garden Path 2929
Marsh Fern 2930
Status Bronze 7034
Woodsy Brown 2924
Fiery Brown 6055
Marooned 6020
Cordovan 6027
Plum Brown 6272
Black Swan 6279
Naval 6244
Distance 6243
Roycroft Bottle Green 2847
Rookwood Dark Green 2816
Rookwood Shutter Green 2809

Additional Approved Colors SW #
Downing Earth 2820
Downing Stone 2821
Downing Sand 2822
Ancestral Gold 6407
Rice Paddy 6414
Vital Yellow 6392
Convivial Yellow 6393
Sequin 6394
Downing Straw 2813
Downing Slate 2819
Classical Yellow 2865
Peace Yellow 2857

Colors in italics were added after the books were printed.

The color Lantern Light is pictured in the book but is no longer approved.