Luminaries Scheduled for December 19th - The Tradition Continues With Social Distance Changes

Downing Creek’s Holiday Celebration
“The Socially Distanced Way”
Luminaries Scheduled for December 19th
Luminaries are our beautiful way to celebrate winter and the holiday season. In the spirit of the season and an effort to have a safe luminary display, the board voted to take part in the Ronald McDonald House luminary fundraiser. We will not be selling individual kits to homeowners and none will be available on the day of the event.
There are two ways to order: pre-pay online or order by attaching a completed order form to your payment in the drop box at the pool. Block captains will deliver kits to homes prior to the event.
Absolute Deadline for orders is December 8th
We will not be selling kits on the day of the event.
Parkway Lighting
To keep the tradition going, we have supplies for 500 luminaries to go along the parkway. We need help. To make lighting quick and easy, we will assign sections of the Parkway to volunteers. Supplies needed for each section will be set out at the beginning of that area. If we get 20 families to set out and light 25 luminaries, we’ll have it done in no time. We can provide service hours to teens looking to help!
Anyone who helps will get a free set of luminaries for their home.
Please email if you can help and we’ll assign an area to you.
Decorate Your Home & Win a Prize
Decorate your home by the 15th and you may win a prize. The three receiving the most votes will receive Amazon gift cards. We will post results on the website the day after the event.
Board members will go around the neighborhood voting on their favorites. After lighting luminaries, stroll or drive through the neighborhood and look at the decorations. Record your favorites to see if your favorite won.