Election/Annual Meeting - Important Update

Please be advised:

Per our covenants, we must hold annual elections for either two or three open seats on the Board (this year it’s two), and hold an open Annual Meeting.

The only candidates to put their names forward for consideration of the open two seats this year by the April 3 deadline are two current Board members, Amanda Harding and Hoyt Taylor. As there is no “competition”, and in careful consideration of the difficulties presented by paper ballots (i.e. handing them out, retrieving them, storing them, having multiple people count them, etc. – all things we should not be doing these days), the remaining three Board Members have determined NOT to hold elections this year. To be perfectly clear, neither Hoyt nor Amanda participated in any part of this discussion. If they desire to serve another term, the members who made this difficult decision (Ted Bohlin, Diana Knechtel and Cort Bennett) would all be up for re-election in May 2021.

We cannot hold an annual meeting in person at the Farm for obvious reasons. We will provide the slide deck for the website, and of course answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible in a public forum such as a neighborhood FAQ posted at the tennis court sign, or via the website.

This decision was not reached easily. All three of us love our neighborhood, and the democratic process by which we were chosen to look after it. The great news is we have two serving members willing to do so for another two-year term, and nobody who put their name in the hat in opposition who would be rightfully aggrieved by this decision. Unless there was an unprecedented, sweeping write-in process, Hoyt and Amanda would have been re-elected. We would like to express our appreciation not only for the service they have already provided, but for their willingness to continue to do so.

Finally, we would like to express our greatest appreciation for the many healthcare workers in Downing Creek putting their lives at risk every day for our safety. Your efforts are truly heroic!

We wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you on walks!

Ted Bohlin, Diana Knechtel and Cort Bennett

Board Members through May 2021


In accordance with the change enacted by the City of Durham, as of Saturday April 4 at 5:00pm, the tennis courts are closed until further notice. While the Board understands individual use or family use would likely be acceptable in terms of virus transmission risk, Durham law disallows it at this time.

Our contract with Pool Professionals is in effect for the year. As such, they pool will be ready for use as soon as we get a green light to open it.

The playground remains closed until further notice in accordance with guidance from City officials similar to the recently enacted tennis court policy.

A reminder: all of these facilities are use “at your own risk”. Obviously that risk is different today than ever before. Safety will ALWAYS be our first priority.

All of the amenities will be re-opened, and like you we hope it’s soon.

Keep safe everyone!

Board at Downing Creek