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Pool Closes September 12

Just a reminder that the Downing Creek pool closes on September 12, so this is your last weekend to enjoy it.

Downing Creek Pool Closed Due to Broken Glass

On Thursday, two little boys were cut on their feet from glass in the Downing Creek Pool. As is posted on signs around the pool and in the bathhouse and in our pool rules, glass is not permitted anywhere in the pool area. This is because we are now required by law to close and drain the pool in order to clean it before it can be reopened. Since I don't recall us ever having to do this, at least during my time here, I do not know how long this will take or how much it is going to cost us. I will post a time estimate to reopen it when I have one.

Board Meeting on July 14th 7pm

Please contact a member of the Board if you would like to attend.

New Website

Technical reasons have necessitated an early switch to our new website. Graphics and some content are still being ported from the old site. Please be patient.

Annual Meeting is 7pm on May 18 (Wednesday) at Creekside Elementary

Please plan to attend the Downing Creek annual meeting. This is a great chance to find out what is happening in our neighborhood, meet the candidates for the Board, cast your votes, ask questions, and make your concerns heard. This year we are meeting at Creekside Elementary School. Use the main entrance off Ephesus Church Road and use the covered walkway to enter the building.