Highlights of 2014 Annual Meeting

Downing Creek homeowners met at 7:00 on Tuesday, May 20th at the Friday Center for the annual homeowners meeting. Lynn Culton, Community Association Manager, introduced current Board members and thanked volunteers who donated their time and talent through the year to make events in Downing Creek possible. A quorum requiring 123 ballots was exceeded and volunteers selected to count votes.

Officer Jeffrey Fair, Durham Police made a presentation on how to protect your homes, property and yourselves against crime. He offered ways that homeowners could eliminate the opportunity for would be thieves. Some suggestions were:
• Keep your car locked and remove valuables from site. Never leave an unattended car running.
• Keep an eye out for suspicious activity. If you see anything odd, call 911. Many crimes could be prevented but neighbors are afraid to call.
• Most home break ins occur when homeowners are at work. Lock doors and close windows when leaving your home.
• If you have an alarm system, use it. Even if going on short trips.
• When going out of town, either cancel newspapers or have a neighbor pick up newspapers and move trash cans. Place timers on lights and a radio so it looks like someone is home. Don’t publicize your vacation; robbers even monitor social network sites.
• Keep garage doors closed, it doesn’t take long for someone snatch something from an open garage.

Election results were announced. Incumbent Board Members, Eric Butler and Susan Sonberg were each elected to an additional two year term.

Lynn Culton presented the State of the Neighborhood where improvements, repairs and recent updates were highlighted.

A Financial Report was given by Brian Burke. Questions were answered about proxy voting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.